TOOR/ARHAR DAL / तूर/अरहर दाल
TOOR/ARHAR  DAL / तूर/अरहर दाल - 500GM

TOOR/ARHAR DAL / तूर/अरहर दाल

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The toor dal helps you prepare delicious sambar, dal tadka, dal fry, and many other lip-smacking dishes. Enriched with nutrients, this toor dal is both healthy and delicious. Furthermore, it does not go through any artificial polishing with water, oil, or leather, thereby retaining its goodness and nutritional benefits.

Delicious and Healthy

With the toor dal, you can enjoy the natural taste and flavour of high-quality lentils and treat yourself to protein-rich meals every day. Easy-to-cook and delightful to eat, you can pair this toor dal with rice or roti for a flavourful and healthy meal.

Source of Protein and Fibre

This dal contains protein and dietary fibre that are essential for a healthy diet.


Unpolished Dal

This toor dal is processed without undergoing any artificial polishing procedures which help it retain its nutritional value. So, you can use this unpolished dal for cooking up a tasty toor dal recipe and treat your friends and family to a nourishing meal.

Five-step Purity Process

Every batch of this toor dal goes through a stringent five-step purity process to ensure that the grains are uniform and of high quality. This way, you are treated to the authentic, natural taste of toor dal with every meal.

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